Our Price!

Go on, admit it! This is the first page you've looked at isn't it?

We don't mind, we don't mind at all, because we like to be open and honest about our price. And on top of that we think our price is pretty great too. In fact, here's the price...

$450 Per Year!

Yes, no hidden fees, no worries about how much it will cost in six months to make any changes, no worries at all... ever! That's the price per year, and not a penny more will we take!

Some places might put together a full list of "optional extras" and "menu pricing facilities", all designed to add on little bits here and there to the cost, bumping the cost up and up. Some may even charge by the length of time it takes to develop a web site, coffee breaks at a reduced rate of course!

We'd rather tell you up front what you will get, and what it will cost you to get it (We drink way too much coffee for us to be charging you for it by the cup!)


We will design you a web site We'll make it fit in with your corporate branding, use any logos or anything you may have, and any photographs etc. If you don't have a logo, we will help you create one to fit in with your marketing strategy (included in the price).

If you do not already own one, we will arrange for you to have a unique domain name. That's the "dot com" web address that people access your site through (of course, the name is subject to availability - if it's gone we will suggest alternatives.)

In short, we'll design the site, put it on the Internet, and maintain that site for a whole 12 months.

But there is more!

We want to make sure that you get the best out of those pretty pages online. We will discuss with you your goals for having a website in the first place, and from that offer up a strategy on how to achieve those aims. Whether your aim is to get more recognition, increase foot traffic to your store, or indeed to increase sales, we will suggest methods of achieiving this that complement your new site.

If you want more involvement in the content of your web site on a regular basis, then we have the ideal solution! We provide a private area of the site that will allow you to change text and graphics to suit your business, promote special offers, and attract your customers, all in an extremely user-friendly web based content management system.

You can also include an online store facility, and this is included in the price too - the only stipulation we make at this price is that the product details are available electronically. We can also put together sections that you control, where you can add and amend stock, special offer details, anything you like! We can show you how to update your site on your own computer, and we will be there with support and advice for the whole year - again, at no extra cost!

We can and do include javascript coding, CSS styling, and flash animations, as well as making sure that your site is mobile phone friendly. Take a look at the sample pages, you will see what we mean.


You don't get the runaround. We tell you when we will do something by, and we pretty much stick to it. We have to say "pretty much" because you never know when an act of god like a tornado, or a freak snowstorm, or a massive shortage of coffee might occur.

You don't get any additional price increases. We give you the price before we start, and that's how it stays!

You don't get any pushy salespeople.

We don't look after your social media accounts (Facebook, email Newsletters, Instagram, Twitter etc) for this price. We do offer this as a separate service, and we're pretty successful at it too! If you would like to discuss this, we know we are very competitively priced, and can provide references of great service to other customers!

You don't have to sign any contracts, or agree to any long term commitment.

After the first 12 months of service, we will contact you to ask if you would like to continue each year, and we can guarantee it will be at a similar low price. If you do not wish to continue, the web site will no longer function, and we will do our very best to accommodate and facilitate the handover to whoever will be taking on the responsibility for designing your new site.


$450 Per Year!

Try us today with no obligation!

We'd be delighted to show you what we can do for you! Let us put a sample together for you, tell us what you would like in the form below, and we'll be right back to you!